Eight Black Advisory Board

Sayan Chakraborty

Sayan is a career technologist focused on team creation and product design, delivery and sustained deployment. He has extensive inter-disciplinary experience managing engineering, services, operations, sales, and marketing at a variety of organizations in software and wireless. His last start-up was acquired in just 20-months.
“I am asked to join company boards all the time, having been involved in the tech space for most of my life. Most of those invitations I decline. However, I decided to accept Simon’s invitation to join the Advisory Board of Eight Black for a variety of reasons. One is that I believe in Simon’s long term vision of where he and Matt want to take the business. They have demonstrated in a short space of time their competence in the transportation industry, have successfully built multiple revenue streams and the company winning the Operator Of The Year award validates their superior product – from their concierge level approach to what many consider to be a commodity. From the first time that I used them as a client, I knew that they were in a different league.

My job is to ensure the company continues to execute on their long-term growth plans, to ensure capital is in place for acquisition and growth and to ensure we have the best technology in place to meet our clients needs.”

Grant Newton

In his 20-year career, Grant has a proven track record of success delivery across a number of business disciplines, including business planning and management, client and vendor management, senior staff development, global systems integration, contract development and negotiation and supply chain management. Grant has held senior positions at Gemini Consulting partners, where he was the Vice President-Commercial Services; Capgemini, where he was a Vice President in the North America SAP Service line; BearingPoint, where he was responsible for the global Chemicals & Natural Resources practice; and BASF where he held positions of increasing responsibility in Marketing, Operations and Information Technology.

“I have been a client of black car operators for most of my professional life. I started using Eight Black over a year ago and in that time, have witnessed the company go from strength to strength. They have maintained performance standards that far exceed anything else I have ever used. I am delighted to join Sayan on the Advisory Board and to provide technical and management leadership and guidance.”

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