Corporate Security Services

Companies have an obligation to demonstrate a duty of care to their employees, and lower their risk for liability to the organization.

What are you doing to ensure both?

In the age of work from home practices, political tensions, and stress from the on-going pandemic, getting a handle of your security has never been more vital to the health of your organization.

Our team consists of current or prior law enforcement and ex-military, all cleared to work in the private sector.

Eight Black provides made-for-you security packages that address safety and security at every level of your company including your work from home (WFH) operations.

We send trained security personnel to walk around your buildings and assess blindspots in your practices, hardware, and physical security gaps. We provide you with a holistic report of what your company needs.  Our team stays up to date with the latest State and Federal security criteria.

If you are experiencing an existing safety threat (either to your organization or to an individual within your organization) which local law enforcement cannot handle – we will respond swiftly and discreetly to the situation.

For both on-site and WFH employees

Our training is comprehensive and the curriculum is tailored to the needs of your entire organization. These trainings are designed to address workplace violence for both onsite and work from home situations. Training is delivered virtually and in person.

We provide armed security to protect buildings and offices.. Our teams are highly trained, discrete and professional. Their aim is to provide peace of mind and to act as a deterrent should a security situation arise.

Eight Black provides the highest level of security services for C-level executives, Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, delegations, and other public figures and their families.

We offer bespoke services to any size business or the private sector ensuring that your personal safety, business assets, employees, or loved ones are protected.

Our team consists of highly trained and licensed professionals, many with prior law-enforcement or military experience. Their training program includes: Conflict Resolution, Tactical Combat Training, Threat De-escalation, Approaching Suspicious persons and vehicles, Advanced Weapons training and Advanced Security driving.

“Simon’s swift response is a hallmark of Eight Black’s service.

“The collective level of experience with Eight Black’s team instilled confidence right out of the gate…

“Eight Black were conscientious, calm, and came to us with a holistic approach. Not just in the technical aspects of the consultation, but addressing the compassionate and emotional needs of the staff as well.”

— Heather Kuhar, Roccor, COO

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