Executive Protection

Our clients should anticipate a highly discrete, bespoke protective service perfectly meshing with their lifestyle needs. The Eight Black security team has extensive experience in providing protective services to corporate clients, high-net-worth individuals and their families, as well as publicly-recognized figures.

The Eight Black protection team is led by a 27-year law enforcement veteran who spent most of his career serving as a Special Agent with the United States SEcret Service. He has extensive experience in the protection of U.S. presidents, foreign heads of state, as well as former U.S. presidents and their families, both globally and domestically. Additionally, he has provided that same level of protective knowledge and professionalism to corporate clients and high-net-worth individuals.

Our job is to provide you with total peace of mind wherever you may travel, transporting you and the people you care about safely and securely. For a personalized, no obligation quotation or to request credentials on our team, please contact Simon Chen at (720) 316-6822.

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