Fleet Upgrade Begins With New Mercedes E-Class

In our customer commitment to provide the latest in vehicle comfort and safety, we are delighted to announce the arrival of a 2017 Mercedes E300, 4-Matic to our fleet.

Owner, Simon Chen says…

“It was a sad day when we realized that we would have to replace our BMW 535. This car had a lot of sentimental value as it was the first car we started with. It never let us down, and we did more than 150,000 miles in it – all completely trouble free”

“We did extensive testing of the new 5-series and the new 7-series but we somehow kept coming back to the new E-Class”

“The technology in the Mercedes is class leading and the fuel economy nothing short of astonishing, given the 300 horsepower the twin turbo 4-cylinder engine produces”

Like all the sedans and SUVs in the Eight Black fleet, the new Mercedes is all wheel drive utilizing the proven Mercedes 4-Matic system. In winter, the car is fitted with the latest Blizzak Winter Tires.

Client feedback to the new car has been nothing short of positive. Book your ride in our new E300 by calling our main reservation number 720 316 6822.

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