How We Deployed a Team in Paris in Under a Week

Ultra-high-net-worth client decided to visit Paris during the Paris Air Show and Fashion Week at short notice. The jet management company was originally assigned to provide all ground transportation. When they started to hit roadblocks, the pressure increased.

The Chief Pilot was already overworked and had zero options. Client was stressed.

Paris was completely sold out.

No limousine company had vehicles.

The 6-star hotel the principal was staying at, normally able to procure anything at short notice, was totally helpless.

In desperation, the EA from the family office reached out to the team at Eight Black.

We mobilized our own London based EP agent and deployed him to Paris. Our Security Concierge also deployed to Paris overnight and within 48 hours we had secured five V Class Mercedes vehicles with our own fully-vetted security drivers.

Met client at Le Bourget, with all advances completed, check-in already handled with the hotel and restaurant reservations set up and confirmed.

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