How We Saved Our Client From a $78,583 Hotel Bill

You don’t normally equate saving money with the ultra-high-net-worth clients we deal with. They travel in private jets, stay at incredibly expensive hotels, and live a life many can only dream of.

Our client was in London for an extended period. The primary hotel was booked out towards the end of the family’s stay. The family office EA was exasperated because it meant moving two adults, two young children, and three support staff across London to a back up hotel. Reservations for both properties were already prepaid.

The principal didn’t really want to move. Their spouse was also less than happy.

Our security concierge was in London with the family and decided to meet with both hotels’ General Managers.

The primary hotel managed to open up space. Stage one completed.

Stage two was meeting with the secondary hotel to see if the three-day reservation could be canceled without penalty.

Persistence, empathy and patience resulted in the secondary hotel refunding the principal nearly 85% of the prepaid total–  This equalled some $78,000 USD.

The principal and the family office EA were not only delighted in the refund – but even happier that they didn’t have to move the entire family and 40+ bags from one location to another.

Our Security Concierge team specializes in anticipating our clients needs, and being relentless in finding a solution, no matter how tough. Our job is to make life easier for our clients.

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