Say Hello To Stefano

Stefano and Simon skiing
Stefano and Simon skiing

In fact, many of you already have. But if you haven’t – Stefano is our Senior Driver (pictured left). A native Californian who has spent the majority of his life working in the restaurant trade, running a successful family business.

Stefano’s mad passion is skiing so 10 years ago, he packed all his belongings into his car and headed east to Colorado. He hasn’t looked back since. During the winter, Stefano averages 30+ days on the slopes.

If he’s driving you to the mountains this winter, take comfort in the fact that not only is he an exceptional driver, he is also a terrific skier. He knows the best resorts for the conditions, knows the roads and is comfortable driving in the worst of conditions.

We are fortunate to have Stefano on the team. So next time you’re in one of our cars, ask him to get you a drink, and sit back and relax. Let him take you to some of the best ski resorts the US has to offer.

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