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Basic Self Defense Instruction – Next Class Sessions: July 15 & 16, 2023

This in-person class is a combination of lecture and self-defense techniques taught by federal law enforcement veteran, Scott Jones. By the end of the class you will learn techniques to avoid violent encounters during various aspects of your daily life, as well as multiple self defense techniques that are easy to learn and not physically strenuous. 

Primarily, these techniques are designed for a person to the stop the attack of a larger person and RUN AWAY. These are not “stay in the fight” techniques – the philosophy is to safely distance oneself from an attacker. 

When under stress, the human body loses some of its ability for specific focus, leading to “tunnel vision” and a loss in finer motor skills. For this reason, the techniques we teach utilize large movements of the body, relying on the hips and core to generate power and leverage. You will learn how to respond to a number of different attack approaches, including:

  • “Bear Hug” from Behind
  • Choke from the Front
  • Lapel/Collar Grab
  • Hair Pull from the Front
  • Hair Pull from Behind

Disclaimer: Eight Black, its instructors, and classes, are not providing legal advice. Every jurisdiction has their own self defense laws, and it is incumbent on the student to ensure they are responding within the bounds of the law. Eight Black and its instructors do not guarantee that these techniques will work 100% of the time. 

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