We Want To Be “That Guy”

In Australia, guys will stand around a barbie (ok a grill) and often complain about a home renovation project, or a recent disaster with a contractor or the fact that their recent car repair bill was through the roof. You know how it goes.

Then someone will chime in,

“You need to call Jacko at XYZ…”

“Who’s Jacko?”

“He’s the best plumber I have ever seen. Mate works like a dog and his workmanship is a thing of beauty”

Jacko’s cell number is then passed around to all and sundry, the guys slap each other on the back, many beers are consumed and they all go back to standing around the grill, wondering whether or not their wives will notice that they have been out there for 3 hours.

My point is this. A Car service is a Car Service. Ground Transportation isn’t rocket science. There are 2 basic rules. Don’t be late. And don’t screw up. Thats about it. However, Matt and I would like to think that there is more to it than that. But at the end of the day, what we really want is “to be that guy”. The guy (or company) that people talk about around the barbie (sorry grill). Its’ still a work in progress. So to our regular clients, I’m hoping were meeting or exceeding what you expect. And if you’re reading this as a prospective client, we’d certainly like the chance to earn your business “and be that guy”.

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